Bridge Program (8:1 Ratio)

Writing Letters. Using Scissors. Counting to 100.

Ever wonder what to do with your young 4 year old?? His Birthday is in the summer and you just don’t know if he will be ready for Kindergarten. He may be mature enough, but not ready for the full day of sitting and working, or he may be ready for the work load, but socially needs more time to mature. At the Playhouse Academy we have created a program specifically for children with birthdays falling during the late spring and early summer months! We call it our Bridge Class and it’s designed for those children who may or may not be ready to go to Kindergarten and need that extra year of Preschool.
The curriculum in this room covers everything your child will need to know should you decide he or she is ready to go to Kindergarten instead of Pre-K. We continue using hands on activities to help your child master our learning objectives. Bridge students review all uppercase letters and will start learning lowercase as well. They work on counting to 100 and number recognition to 20. They continue working on writing their first and last names. They will be cutting out their own work, lacing, sorting by color, shape, size, and other categories. Our Bridge program continues to work on rhyming, patterning, opposities, and more. While your child will be sitting for longer periods of time and doing more table work, we still leave time for play! We know that play is an important part of learning and we make sure it is part of the daily routine.
At the Playhouse Academy we feel it is important to bridge children before Pre-K instead of after. Our Pre-K curriculum is rigorous and we feel it isn’t fair to put a younger child through the stress, should he or she need another year of reschool to mature and get ready for Kindergarten.