Enrichment Classes

At The Playhouse Academy we believe there is more to learning than just what occurs during the school day.  In an effort to broaden your child’s education we have made available additional enrichment classes from 1:30-2:30 PM. These classes are available for all children ages 3 and up.

Cheerleading –  Children will enjoy learning the different aspects of cheerleading, including jumps, chants, and cheers. This class is currently offered on Monday afternoons.  The cost is $55 per month.

Yoga – This program is taught by Mr. Mateo of Poser Kids Yoga.  The class is offered to ages three and up. This class is offered on Thursday afternoons.  The cost is $60 per month.

Little Dragons – A universal martial arts program developed for children ages 3-7.  The program teaches martial arts motor skills and develops skills with basic techniques that are fun and exciting for children.  The primary goal and objective of the Little Dragon program is to give preschool aged children the “can do” attitude.  The curriculum includes: martial art, safety, physical, and life skills. This class is currently offered on Monday afternoons. The cost $55 per month.

Science – This special class will give your child the opportunity to do hands on science experiments.  It will consist of experiments such as making play doh from scratch, volcanoes, goo crystals, and many more fun projects. This class is offered on Thursday afternoons and is limited to the Pre-K and Bridge students.  The cost is $65 per month.

Dance – We will spend about 10 minutes stretching followed by 20 minutes learning ballet steps and a ballet routine.  This includes skipping, arm and leg positions, leaping, turning and posture.  Then we will change shoes and spend the remainder of the hour working on tap steps and a tap routine.  In tap, we focus on rhythm and sound, faster and larger arm movements, and showmanship.  This class is offered on Friday afternoons.   The cost is $55 per month.  Click here for a full description of the class from the instructor.

Spanish – It’s never too early to start developing language skills.  In this class children will learn the basics of the Spanish language.  This class requires a large notebook or sketchpad that can be left at school for use in class each week.  Spanish is offered on Friday afternoons.  The cost is $60 per month.

Art History – This class is offered to Pre-K and Bridge students only. It is offered on Friday afternoons. Each month the class will focus on a specific artist. They will discuss the history of their paintings and they will create a canvas using that Artist’s medium. The cost of this class is $65 per month.