Toddler Program (Ratio 6:1)

Running. Dancing. Talking

Everything about your child’s life is suddenly changing. Now that your little one is able to explore with ease and communicate using speech, he or she sees the world in a whole new light! This makes language development and related milestones an important part of our toddler program.

Using a varied curriculum, and socialization with peers, our program will not only foster language development, it will nurture and stimulate your toddlers ever expanding mind and body. Learning colors and shapes is something we work on every day. Fine and Gross motor development are a very important part of your child’s educational base and will help them get ready to write and play games.

Your toddler will be exposed to many different educational experiences here at The Playhouse Academy that include, but are not limited to, finger painting, crayons and markers, tearing paper, gluing, thematic unites which incorporate the alphabet, developing the pincer grasp through the use of tweezers, and more. We also work on skills that will be needed throughout life such as following directions, standing in line, siting at the table for lunch, and learning to respect friends.

At The Playhouse Academy we believe hands on, tactile, experiences will help your child learn and grow. Pre-School is a place to get messy and have fun while learning. We know every child is special, and always address individual needs, as well as group socialization and play. The toddler program will nurture your child’s ever growing mind.