Pre-K Program (Ratio 8:1)

Writing letters.  Numbers to 20.  Measuring and cooking.

With Kindergarten around the corner, your four year old is getting ready for the big time!!!  The pre-k curriculum at The Playhouse Academy advances learning objectives to meet your child’s developing mind and body. However, we never lose sight of the fact that your four-year-old is still a preschooler, and we shape our curriculum and expectations with that in mind.

By continuing with hands-on activities, we will help your child make great strides during this pivotal year.  Your child will be exposed to both the upper and lowercase alphabet, number recognition to 20, season and holiday understanding, estimation, patterning, and more.  Fine motor skills will be perfected through the use of scissors, painting, and a kindergarten ready pencil grip.  Counting to 100 is something we work on everyday along with counting by twos, fives, and tens.  Your child will be exposed to cooking and measurment as we make something special with every new letter we learn.

We think it is also very important to have a wide variety of teaching experiences.  In addition to hands on classroom learning, your child will have spanish and music class every week. Gross motor skills will continue to develop through outdoor play, games, and our special weekly gymnastics class.

Our Pre-K program also insures that upon graduation your child will not only know how to write his or her first and last name, he or she will also know his or her address, phone number, and birthday.  We believe when your child graduates from The Playhouse Academy he or she will be fully prepared for kindergarten.