3 Year Old Program (Ratio 7:1)

Learning letters. Using scissors. Asking questions.

Your three-year-old is quickly becoming an inquisitive little person.  The baby you once had is now ready to sit and learn. Now that educational learning experiences make up a greater part of the school day, we gear our curriculum to be hands on and fun, never losing sight of the fact that play is still a very important part of every child’s life. Your three year old is quickly assuming many personal responsibilities at home, and we continue to foster this at school as well.  Your child is now ready to take responsibility for his or her belongings, such as packing and unpacking his or her own backpack, taking care of his or her own pencil box, opening his or her own lunch, and more.

The three year old program at The Playhouse Academy continues with a varied curriculum that will nurture and foster your child’s ever growing mind and body.  Hands on, tactile experiences help promote learning. The uppercase alphabet is something we focus strongly on this year.  A foundation in phonics is a key to development at this age. This is something we at The Playhouse Academy feel is very important and work on daily.  We also continue sorting by color, shape, and size, counting to 20, as well as number recognition to 10,  Your three year old will also work on rhyming, patterning, opposites, tracing letters, and cutting on lines.

Fine motor development will continue with the use of crayons, markers, paint brushes, stringing beads, and more.  Gross motor skills continue to develop through outdoor play, games, and gymnastics class.  Spanish class is something new that your three year old will have this year. We think it is important to have a wide variety of learning experiences at The Playhouse Academy.

When your three-year-old leaves this program, not only will he or she be writing his or her name, but he or she will also start recognizing the names of friends as well.  When your child completes this program, he or she will be fully prepared for our Bridge or Pre-K class.