2 Year Old Program (Ratio 7:1)

Independence. Friendship. Exploration.

Big kid cups, learning to share, and the not so”terrible twos” are all a part of this wonderful but sometimes challenging period in your child’s life.  Here at The Playhouse Academy our two year old program promotes independence and helps to develop your child’s emerging awareness of social behavior.  We help your two year old discover life beyond his or her own little world.  Your child is a person now, well past the infant stage, and our varied curriculum reflects that.  Although your child’s favorite word might be “No!” it will soon be replaced with “Why?”  Language development is crucial during this time in your child’s life and our teacher’s fully understand this.

Your child’s strong will and need to assert his or her independence is not only understood but is expected at this age.  Our program works on channeling this natural desire to figure out the environment with learning activities.  Problem solving and learning to share with friends is something we work on every day  Learning to have patience and take turns isn’t easy, but with continued practice it can be accomplished.

Fine motor skills will continue to develop through the use of crayons, markers, paint brushes, stringing beads, finger painting, tearing, gluing, using tweezers to develop hand strength, and learning to use scissors.  Thematic units will help develop language as well as an understanding of our world.   The uppercase alphabet will also be introduced along with the numbers one through five.  We work on oral counting to 15 as well as name recognition, colors, shapes, sorting, and more.

When your 2 year old leaves this program he or she will not only recognize his or her name, but will also be ready to trace letters, cut lines, and learn the alphabet.